Hi, I’m Ric

RSake.com is my personal blog. I am writing for fun and also to share some things I’ve learned over the years. Hopefully it will be an exciting journey, in which I can share things about working life & business, consumerism & what to do about it, saving & investment, early financial independence (not that early in my case), and other stuff too. If it goes to plan, I will learn a thing or two as well.

I don’t like underhand or deceitful blogs, so lets start as I mean to carry on. Here are a few things you should know:

Affiliate links and advertising content:

A number of my favourite business encourage bloggers to link to their businesses by offering free stuff or rewards. This is nice for me, if it works! Therefore I reserve the right to include affiliate links and advertising content. However I believe this sort of content should be clearly labelled. Therefore I will mark any affiliate link as an affiliate link, and any advertising editorial will clearly be labelled as an advertising or sponsored article. I may also include advertising from external advert suppliers, but you are free to use an advertising blocker in your web browser if you like.


I welcome comments. Unfortunately allowing comments on blog posts can attract spam, trolls and misinformed or misleading opinion. This can spoil the party for others. Therefore I use an automated spam filter and reserve the right remove any other content I feel is not suitable at my own discretion, and with no right of appeal. I hope this improves the blog for the majority of readers.

Other stuff:

Ric Sake is not my real name. Sorry about that! But to be fair, a lot of my favourite blogs use a nom de plume too, so I am in good company. I don’t want anything I write here to be influenced by friends or businesses I deal with in my day to day life, so using a pseudonym here helps me separate my day to day life from this blog. Ric Sake comes from a word play on being rich for the sake of it (as opposed to being rich in ways that are not measured only by your bank balance, such as enjoying the freedom that comes with financial independence). Also I chose it because I could get the domain name.

Please remember your use of this site is governed by my terms page and my privacy page. I am not a professional advisor, and anything you read on this site is for entertainment and discussion only. If you think anything I’ve written may be useful for your own circumstances then it is important you take your own precautions or seek professional advice first.